Presenting: Scott Living

If you’ve been alive and out of the house anytime for the past 10 years, chances are you’ve heard the names Drew and Jonathan Scott.

The dynamic duo has been shaking up the housing and decor market for the better part of the 2010s and the foreseeable 2020s, giving neglected properties a new lease on life before finding them the perfect families to take them from “house” to “home”. 

As hosts of the HGTV show “Property Brothers,” the brothers have accumulated a loyal and devoted fan base of over 18 million fans globally. As a unit, they’ve renovated and flipped over 400 homes and counting, all with a focus on home, family, and a commitment to quality. 

Across their many collections, Drew and Jonathan strive to create a sense of luxury and functionality fit for every home. As designers, the two quickly realized that there was no singular design or style to perfectly encapsulate every home owner's wants and needs. 

Drew and Jonathan’s goal in partnering with Fine Art Canvas is to make fine art more accessible to everyone. With their simple approach to design and home decor, the duo hopes to demystify the art world and empower consumers to make choices that work for them. As part of our partnership, the brothers and our team will work tirelessly to curate collections of art that suits a wide range of styles and needs. Over the coming weeks, we’ll discuss how to shop for art, things to consider as you approach art, and ways to incorporate art into your life, all in the hopes of helping you create a space you can be proud to call your own, because home is where the art is.❤

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