Our Mission

At Fine Art Canvas our goal is to bring you a wide variety of quality and affordable art for your home. It’s that simple. We understand that art is a very personal choice. What you put on your walls says something unique about yourself. We want to help you make your home a beautiful representation of yourself, because let’s face it, you deserve a masterpiece.

Our Promise

We want this to be the start of a long, fruitful relationship. On demand, high quality printing is our way of thanking you for expressing who you are. We promise a smooth exchange from your shopping cart to your door, delivering the masterpiece that is going to transform your living space from a house to a home.

Thank you for being a part of this artistic movement with us. Let’s create beautiful homes together.

Blog posts

How to Care for Your Canvas Wall Art

This week we offer a little Spring DIY on caring for your beautiful canvas wall art prints.

Art History 101: Art Noveau

For this month's art history lesson, we delve into the beautiful, ornate, and detailed world of Art Noveau!

Artist Spotlight: Frida Kahlo

For this month's artist spotlight, we delve into the fascinating life of the infamous Frida Kahlo.

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