"We come here born with a mission… so it's important to listen to our inner voice." Synthia SAINT JAMES sold her first paintings to friends and co-workers in New York City in the 1960s, officially launching her career as an artist. From there, she went on to design a book cover for a best-selling novel, to conceptualizing stain glass windows to her showing her vibrant works in international galleries, and that's merely scratching the surface of her accomplishments. "All of these different doors open because I am always open to what may come; accept good challenges." Synthia SAINT JAMES attributes her success to keeping herself physically healthy and spiritually healthy by eating well, sleeping 8 hours, and always researching something new.

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The type of introspection that leads to self-discovery can occur at any time in one's life.  Synthia SAINT JAMES was relatively young, five years old when she realized her life's purpose was to be an artist.
Synthia SAINT JAMES is proof that the praxis to achieving success and peace requires the manifestation and maintenance of a personal mantra and daily routine that incorporates both work and self-care elements.   
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